80’s Pop Nuggets, With The Giddy Carousel Of Pop: Movements, Scenes, and Genres

Episode 52

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I am joined by not one but two guests, co-hosts of the excellent Smash Hits podcast, “The Giddy Carousel Of Pop” Gavin Hogg, and Simon Galloway. As 80’s pop aficionados they chose to take me through some of the 80’s unsung pop belters (though I did have to question them on whether a couple of the choices were obscure at all).

From Adam Ant, Human League, Thomas Dolby, to Neneh Cherry , what we may lack in hard hitting issues we more than make up for with TUNES!

Gavin has a new book coming out, “We Peaked At Paper: An Oral History of British Zines”

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Featuring the wonderful...

Gavin Hogg

Chirpy chap, music fan, vegan, part of The Giddy Carousel of Pop and a Charity Shop Classics DJ

'We Peaked at Paper', an oral history of British zines is published Oct 22.

Simon Galloway

Music anorak. Charity shop rummager. Radio/podcast maker. Mostly records. 


Episode 52