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Episode 48

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OOF, it’s a long one. We were joined for this by author, critic, comic, and musician Marc Burrows. We take a long look at the rise and fall of the most 90s of 90s things, Britpop. We talk about Blur waaaay too much, call ourselves out for accidental sexism, discuss indie dancefloors, music journos, the battle of the bands and even Menswear!!!

There’s a lot to discus here, and whether you danced like Brett with a slap of the hips, or had more of the Liam swagger, we have something in here for you.

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featured tracks include songs by Suede, Blur, The Auteurs, Sleeper, Elastica, and more

Featuring the wonderful...

Marc Burrows

An author, critic, comic and musician based in London, UK. His biography of Sir Terry Pratchett was published in 2020 to considerable acclaim, winning the Locus Award for best non fiction in 2021.

He writes, mostly about music and film, for The Guardian, The Observer, The Quietus, the i Paper, Music OMH, the New Statesmen and Hey U Guys among many others.

He has a background in stand up comedy and has performed several runs of his one-man shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, as well as around the country.

He plays bass in the cult Victoriana punk band The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing.

He is often very busy.

Episode 48