This month, Temporary Fandoms looks at the discography of Manchester’s finest pop-punksters Buzzcocks.

We are joined by Paul Hanley, author of “Leave the Capital” and ex drummer of The Fall, and John Henderson head of the awesome music label Tiny Global Productions.

We discuss the first iteration of the band here before the break-up and for those who support the show on Mixcloud we select a few tracks from each album to listen to, in between the chat.

Find out more about Paul’s books over at Paul Hanley : Route Online ( and hear amazing tales from his life in The Fall on his podcast Oh! Brother – Hosted by Paul and Steve Hanley (

And check out the amazing bands on Music | Tiny Global Productions (

It’s a two-part pod so make sure you listen to both parts

Theme music by Jonathan Fisher.

Also out this month under the Infrequency Banner is Movements, Scenes, and Genres, this month looking at the history of Protest Music

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Featuring the wonderful...

Paul Hanley

Paul Hanley was the drummer in Manchester legends The Fall from 1980-85 and now plays with Brix & The Extricated.  he has written two books, Leave The Capital: A History of Manchester Music in 13 Recordings and HAVE A BLEEDIN GUESS: The story of Hex Enduction Hour

John Henderson

John Henderson runs Tiny Global Productions. A record label that has a ton of amazing artists, From The Nightingales, Blue Orchids, The Band of Holy Joy, and much more.

Episode 46