Can we follow the exceptional pair of Yo La Tengo episodes? Yes we Can!

Nothing says future podcast success than a dive though the discography of a 1970s experimental German rock (ish) band.

We have a look a one of the most influential bands ever to come out of Cologne (and maybe even Germany) though one of us isn’t fully convinced. But it’s the internet so we have three dudes telling another dude that he is wrong.

Re-joining Nick and Ewan are bilingual stand up comedian Aaron Troy White and man with a beard that keeps scratching the microphone Chris Whitby

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Featuring the wonderful...

Aaron Troye-White

Aaron Troye-White is a bilingual comedian, author, actor, and podcaster based in Bergen, Norway.  Besides Temporary Fandoms, he's a regular guest on the Flatten the Curve podcast and MYTH: Makes You Think, Huh?. He's appeared on Ylvis på Holmen where he was a runner-up on their Latterkongen talent competition. You can find his journalism and short stories in a number of publications you've never heard of.

Christopher Whitby
Episode 9