There’s more than just Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

In the final episode of Season Three we look at the short but complex, fun, witty, and memorable work of Das Racist. You might know them from the Pizza Hut and Taco Bell song but there is more to unpack.

We talk about lyrics, mixtapes, what a mixtape actually is, getting drunk on couches, midwestern basements, the amazing post-Das Racist collaborative work with Riz Ahmed “The Swet Shop Boys”, and generally talk about a bunch of random things in a ramshackle way. Which kind of works for Das Racist.

Nick and Ewan are rejoined for this episode by the wonderful Brendan Quigley, and Emily Baldoni.

And you can also discover if, like Ewan, you were pronouncing their name wrong.


Album introductions with Brendan Quigley

Roundtable chat

Shut up Dude

Sit Down Man


Swet Shop Boys

As usual there’s a Spotify playlist incorporating the podcast and selected songs which you can find at

The Guests:

Our guide for the records was Brendan Quigley (@fleetwoodwack ), Crossword Setter Extraordinaire and member of the rather excellent Boston Typewriter Orchestra

Find Puzzles here

Emily Baldoni is a regular guest and it was a pleasure as always

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Featuring the wonderful...

Brendan Quigley
Brendan is a professional puzzle maker who lives in Brookline, Massachusetts, USA. When not doing that, he can be seen either banging on an Underwood for the Boston Typewriter Orchestra, or out globe-trotting with his wife Liz and their daughter Tabitha.
Emily Baldoni

Emily Baldoni is a librarian, originally from the flatlands of Illinois but now based in Washington, D.C. By day, she catalogues rare books and wrangles fussy metadata; when not combatting entropy, she enjoys obsessing over music and movies.

Episode 33