David Bowie Part 1: 1967 – 1976

Episode 4

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Ok, I admit it, we’ve got a little cocky. After the dive into the surreal world of The Butthole Surfers we decided to tackle something big. Something big and precious to a lot of people. We’ve gone full Bowie.

Obviously this is a big undertaking so we’ve split it into several parts. This one takes us from 1967-1976. From his debut up to Station to Station.

Nick and Ewan are joined by Lael Wageneck, Ben Zimmer and Emily Baldoni and we take our time talking through the albums and finally having a big rambling discussion.

Honestly it is worth it for Lael’s Bowie impression alone, but in all seriousness, we think this is the best episode we’ve done yet. And it’s a little on the long side.

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Ben Zimmer

Ben Zimmer is a linguist, lexicographer, and all-around word nut. He is the language columnist for the Wall Street Journal, and you can find also find his words on words in The Atlantic, Slate, Politico, and Wired. He lives in Jersey City, New Jersey, where his wife and son tolerate his peculiar obsessions.

Emily Baldoni

Emily Baldoni is a librarian, originally from the flatlands of Illinois but now based in Washington, D.C. By day, she catalogues rare books and wrangles fussy metadata; when not combatting entropy, she enjoys obsessing over music and movies.

Lael Wageneck
Episode 4