David Bowie Part 2: 1977 – 1987

Episode 5

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So, we were really happy with the last episode and worried that we could carry on with what we think was a pretty damn fine piece of podcasting.

Here, we take an in depth look at the Berlin period, and then try to make it through the Eighties without mentioning Dancing in the Streets.

Nick and Ewan are joined by Steven Miller and Zoë Von Hess this time round, and apparently nobody else remembers David Bowie doing a Christmas thing with Bing Crosby.

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Featuring the wonderful...

Zoë von Hess
Zoë von Hess is a lifelong music devotee and singer.
Professionally active from the age of 17, her band travels have provided adventures from Beijing to London, Ho Chi Minh to Brisbane. With performances on Hong Kong's iconic Star Ferry, at famed Indie shrine the Dublin Castle in Camden and even at a Planet Hollywood opening helping out Bruce Willis on backing vocals, she’s nothing if not a well-rounded artist and entertainer.
You can ask her about the time she made Jarvis Cocker leave his own after-show party, or how she sang live for Skibs the Kid with a full classical orchestra or what happened with a bottle of wine backstage with The Jesus and Mary Chain. Now permanently based in Hong Kong with her young family, with 1000s of gigs under her belt both as performer and audience member, she is perennially gobby about her diverse musical passions.
Steve Miller
Episode 5