For the first Temporary Fandoms of 2022 we invited Aaron Troye-White back to take us through the discography of James Murphy’s LCD Soundsystem. We are also joined by the always insightful Chris Whitby.

As usual we look at, and listened to, all of the albums and seem to have a fluid set of opinions.

We obviously namecheck every band LCD use as influence, talk about taking Nike money, sounding like the Fall, and other lazy hot takes.

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Music was provided by J Fisher as always

Featuring the wonderful...

Aaron Troye-White

Aaron Troye-White is a bilingual comedian, author, actor, and podcaster based in Bergen, Norway.  Besides Temporary Fandoms, he's a regular guest on the Flatten the Curve podcast and MYTH: Makes You Think, Huh?. He's appeared on Ylvis på Holmen where he was a runner-up on their Latterkongen talent competition. You can find his journalism and short stories in a number of publications you've never heard of.

Christopher Whitby
Episode 40