We are back for Season Three

Just as we kicked off Season Two with something loud, we thought we would repeat the trick with South Wales’ own (well apart from the lead singer) Mclusky.

If you are thinking “who?” then you probably feel exactly like Ewan did when we started all this but by next week’s episode it will all become clear. Remember, Ewan is an idiot who knows nothing.

Joining Nick and Ewan are Chris Whitby who will be taking us through the albums , and pod veteran, author, radio host, musician, can i say polymath? Cheri Amour! What, that’s not enough? Fine, let’s also add Nick Taylor from the rather excellent My Teenage Band podcast.

We look at

My pain and sadness is more sad and painful than yours

Mclusky do Dallas

The difference between me and you is that I’m not on fire


There are body parts mentioned, a few impressions of The Young Knives, and some post-hardcore shenanigans.

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Featuring the wonderful...

Christopher Whitby
Nick Taylor
Cheri Amour

Cheri Amour is a writer, editor and broadcaster intent on amplifying the voices of women and non-binary artists in print, online and on air. Her words have appeared everywhere from The Guardian and Grazia to Guitar World. She's currently working on an upcoming 33 1/3 book on the unassuming influence of South Bronx sister troupe ESG, out in Spring 2023.

Episode 23