Our team

Ewan Swain

Always biting off more than I can chew, I co-host Temporary Fandoms, Host MSG10, edit together everything and put this website together. One day I will learn how to do it all properly.

Nick Hilditch

Budapest based Animator, illustrator and now a reluctant podcaster, Nick founded the Temporary Fandoms Facebook group in 2016, then in 2020 he joined forces with Ewan to adapt it into the show you can listen to here. He is also responsible for much of the artwork

Jonathan Fisher

Like our theme music? J-Fish puts together Lo-Fi Electronica, Post Punk, Krautrock and Synthpop – recorded on Kareoke machine, 4-Track, Nintendo DS, DAW – anything.

We have also been joined by John Tansey, Brendan Quigley, Aaron Troye-White, Ben Zimmer, Emily Baldoni, Steven Miller, Emma McDermott, Zoe Von Hess, Jesse Jarnow, Jeffrey Lewis, Chris Whitby, Scott Donald, William Shunn, Si Sharp, John Henderson, Fliss Kitson, Tansy McNally, Cheri Amour, Joe Mitchell, Mike Plowman, Glen Hodgson, James Kennedy, Liam Maloney, Jeffrey McDonald, Lynn Lockwood, Paul Hanley, Gavin Hogg, Lene Cortina, Vim Renault. (find out more on the episode pages)