The Fall: Part 2 1983 – 1988

Episode 14

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Yup, it’s gonna take a while. Let’s continue with the discography of one of music’s great acts: THE FALL

Nick and Ewan are re-joined by our very special guests, John Henderson of Tiny Global Productions, Fliss Kitson of The Nightingales, and pod music maestro Jonathan Fisher.

In this episode we look at the mid to late 80s, and tackle what many think of as the Fall’s greatest album ( you will probably disagree)

After the last episode we started sneaking into some podcast top ten lists, so let’s go to the moon!!

We had some tech issues with this pair of episodes so hopefully the slight drop in sound quality for this ep isn’t too annoying.

Hopefully our new release day of Thursdays is good for you.

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See their simply awesome acts and maybe buy some records at Music | Tiny Global Productions (

Find out more about the Nightingales (including the recent Sky Arts Documentary) at Nightingales (

Jonathan is the genius behind our theme music and you can hear more of his stuff on his Bandcamp

Additional music in this episode by Blue Dot Sessions

All available under the following licenses:

Featuring the wonderful...

John Henderson

John Henderson runs Tiny Global Productions. A record label that has a ton of amazing artists, From The Nightingales, Blue Orchids, The Band of Holy Joy, and much more.

Jonathan Fisher

Jonathan Fisher is a musician working in Lo-Fi Electronica, Post Punk, Krautrock and Synthpop – recorded on Kareoke machine, 4-Track, Nintendo DS, DAW – anything. He is also responsible for the majority of our themes and stings.

Fliss Kitson

Fliss Kitson plays drums for legendary post punk band The Nightingales

"For many people, Fliss Kitson is one of the best drummers out there. Her amazing polyrhythmic attack with the legendary Nightingales is something to behold. She truly is a remarkable player – power, precision and rhythm and imagination that has helped lift the band up to their new peak." Louder than War

Episode 14