The February Edition

For our February Edition we have pulled together three features for you to digest at your leisure. First we have Temporary Fandoms where we dive through the discography of LCD Soundsystem. Next up we are joined by author JR Moores to discuss Noise Rock. Finally we have a self indulgent time looking back at an eclectic set of tunes we listened to over 2021 

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  • LCD Soundsystem

    LCD Soundsystem

    For the first Temporary Fandoms of 2022 we invited Aaron Troye-White back to take us through the discography of James Murphy’s LCD Soundsystem. We are also joined by the always insightful Chris Whitby. As usual we look at, and listened to, all of the albums and seem to have a fluid set of opinions. We […]

  • The Wrap up: Enduring Loves 2021

    The Wrap up: Enduring Loves 2021

    A rather self indulgent look back on what the Tempfans crew were listening to in 2021

  • Noise Rock: With JR Moores

    Noise Rock: With JR Moores

    Author JR Moores takes us through the genre of Noise Rock with ten tunes and some chat