inFrequency: The LCD and Noise Edition: Feb 2022

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Welcome to the first of our monthly editions. Each month we release a big pile of audio content for you to digest at your leisure. Think of it like picking up a monthly music magazine. The exact format of the month’s audio will change, being kind of “inFrequent” but the core features will be regular enough. For our first edition you have “Temporary Fandoms”, “MSG10”, and a rather self-indulgent “The Wrap-up”. We have big plans for the rest of the year and we hope you like them.

You really should head over to Mixcloud though. While MSG and The Wrap-up can be embedded here with tunes, Temporary Fandoms in its all-singing-all-dancing version, chock full of tunes, is a Mixcloud exclusive. That’s the best way to support our shows, and support the artists we feature. You can read more about Mixcloud Select here but the financial model looks like this, and costs less that 3 Euro a month to get involved.

  • Uncompromising Acts, With John Henderson: Movements, Scenes, and Genres
    BACK This took me a while to think up the name for this eclectic journey through the music tastes of Head Honcho at Tiny Global Productions, John Henderson. I think I got it right in the end, despite me using my bad mic by mistake (though it’s OK as John does 90% of all the talking) We take a look […]

  • PJ Harvey: 2000 – 2016
    In this episode of Temporary Fandoms we continue working our way through the rather impressive work of PJ Harvey, Look at TWO mercury prize winning albums and continue to be amazed as Polly takes us to unexpected places. Nick and Ewan, are joined by journalist, writer, musician, radio presenter, and regular guest Cheri Amour. Check out her stuff at To […]

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