Uncompromising Acts, With John Henderson: Movements, Scenes, and Genres

Episode 55

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This took me a while to think up the name for this eclectic journey through the music tastes of Head Honcho at Tiny Global Productions, John Henderson.

I think I got it right in the end, despite me using my bad mic by mistake (though it’s OK as John does 90% of all the talking)

We take a look at artists who just do, or did, their own thing, hard to pinpoint in any specific genre, sometimes on the cusp of greatness, sometimes on the outskirts. Regardless it’s a great selection of tunes from Rocksteady, to Hippy Folk, and much much more.

John runs Tiny Global Productions, who release amazing music from bands such as The Nightingales, Band of Holy Joy, Blue Orchids, David Lance Callahan, and loads more cool stuff. Find out more and support the artists at

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Featuring the wonderful...

John Henderson

John Henderson runs Tiny Global Productions. A record label that has a ton of amazing artists, From The Nightingales, Blue Orchids, The Band of Holy Joy, and much more.

Episode 55